The yellow paper

=$Pisscoin;= *#-List_of_Articals-*#



0.01|What is $þisscoin?

#->It is an anti-speculative anti-asset.

0.02|Mais, qui?!Who are these intrepid assemblages these «𝔊uzzler𝒵?!»

𝔊UZZLERS are the title granted to those who hold $PISS/$PISSCOIN/.

0.03|[hue chart]

#->From CLEAR CUCK to DIJON DON, accredited 𝔊UZZLER𝒵

0.04|Who is behind $þisscoin?

We are a group of curious people living.

0.05|Pisscoin Technical Information

#->the $PISSCOIN or $PISS  is currently often represented as a token deployed on two networks, the Ethereum(ETH) and Binance Smart Chain (BSC).

0.06.a|Piss-map coin-road


*->So, this is What faire de Pisscoin hopes to achieve?

0.07|Pisscoin Terms and Risk







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What is $þisscoin?

It is an anti-speculative anti-asset.

Now there you are, this means?!  Some kinda’

Nope! Wait; a prior you bettæáāąģĕęũŸźžŶŷŮšŒœŔệỆềǂǁǎƊƉƐŋāÖÿþgrab up on this;

⦓⁅⦕⸎⦖⁆⦔«Intrinsic speculative assets form a group without value»⦓⁅⦕⸎⦖⁆⦔

Ok,weîll //:give you a_little taste, but hold onto this; will get back to tying it up, don't you worry...

Like a pissstream, it can arc down into the bowl, and just think of the path from the badder!{as all good guzzlers[pontificate]

So it's declared that <<Pisscoin is a refutation of extrinsic speculation by its own logic>>𝄇

It’s an  anti- speculation, it deposits no allowance for investigation into its intrinsic nature, its pure extritic essence.  

,✻⚟⚞⛏☧☦¦♰☤☦☥⍏⍖⍮⏕⍰⍨⑆⑊⌙⌽⍒►▶ it is anti- asset.There's no form which to capture the beingness of its presentation into confined bowls.

The character of anti-dialectical, captured into a dialectic yearning for a wizz.

Pisscoin is a unorderd_set of Magnitude 𝄇↝↛↜␕⛜🜐🝈🝕🝘𐇳𐇦𐇨𐇲🝠☈‡⸘⸷

$þisscoin binds an international community of 𝔊UZZLERS seeker in reverie of anti-clear hues.....↹↮⥷␛␎












     |//*|0.02|*//|                     |//*|0.02|*//|                     |//*|0.02|*//|

Mais, qui?!Who are these intrepid assemblages these «𝔊uzzler𝒵?!»

𝔊UZZLERS are the title granted to those who hold $PISS.

The level of 𝔊uzzler is simply often determined by the hue of $þISS that they hold.

 In order to let you form a potential insight at what is in fact; may be your determine level of 𝔊uzzler; please feel free to view this technical analysis chart;

 The chart is only a model, and though subject to guidelines and conditioning; spectating in the chart is not necessarily going to define the verity/vérité of the guzzler level.

     |//*|0.03|*//|                     |//*|0.03|*//|                     |//*|0.03|*//|

From CLEAR CUCK to DIJON DON, accredited 𝔊UZZLER𝒵 can obtain said privileges on our official discord server. These specific hues will give exclusive access to channels, communities and future benefits.

     |//*|0.04|*//|                     |//*|0.04|*//|                     |//*|0.04|*//|

Who is behind $þisscoin?
We are a group of curious people living.

The typical 21st century lives.

We know how one might open PDF


-}<<MORE TEXT>>{-[a]

Systems of cmd.
The reverbЯages of the blatter. Shuttering the orbital minds of the convalescence. Premotal splash.

Though our diffuse cmds and other decentralized  organs.

The great vision of the Ministry of FIN_ance.

        Has kept forth. And brought piss. We thus

Are the holders who will splash and dump. We are the message that will unfroth the dawn and bring about the hued dusk!

     |//*|0.05|*//|                     |//*|0.05|*//|                     |//*|0.05|*//|

Pisscoin Technical Information

the $PISSCOIN or $PISS  is currently often represented as a token deployed on two networks, the Ethereum(ETH) and Binance Smart Chain (BSC). The smart contract on both ERC-20 and BEP-20 follows the international standards of tokens provided by OpenZeppelin with the following smart contract enabled functions:totalSupply(), balanceOf(account), transfer(recipient, amount), allowance(owner, spender), approve(spender, amount), transferFrom(sender, recipient, amount).

In order to use $PISS, owners must have access to a ERC-20 and/or BEP-20 compatible wallet.

####-->*****NOTA BENE***********************************************************

We have used many different ones, over the times, and would remind you that they all, all of them, carry risks. we provide you with a list of some of the wallets we have used.

Bare in mind, there are fractured internal disagreements on which is better and many bitter divisions in the committees.

****************IMPORTANT THIS IS NOT AN ENDORSEMENT******************************

just a description of some of the tools we ourselves use, yet the quality and security of these are solely the responsibility of the apps and we recommend you read their user agreements and keep your password safe and secure. ¡BE CAREFUL! There are no guarantees that it won't all literally flush away literally into nothing. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK.

If you're interested in our own terms and agreements plz visit the website and at the bottom of the main [age you will find our terms and agreements, as well as our anti-privacy policy we encourage you to S.V.P. lisez!

We have used these applications in the past:

<<[Trust Wallet, MetaMask, Arkane, Coinbase Wallet]>>.


At the moment the token is not supported on exchange wallets and any transfers will likely result in lost token transfer.

     |//*|0.06|.0a*//|                     |//*|0.06.a|*//|                     |//*|0.06.0a|*//|


0.06.0a|Piss-map coin-road

So, this is What faire de Pisscoin hopes to achieve?

We would like to work toward a just, egalitarian future for all beings.

We hope to achieve, in our own small way, by en faisant pisscoin a stream to those ends.

⸖⳻-is there such a thing as “benefits” the token gives currently and what exactly of the future?!

A few technical current manifestations of the relationship to pisscoin tokens to guzzlerz.

Depending on your GUZZLERS HUE, $PISS holders get access to exclusive parts of our discord community. This also entitles each member to GOLDEN SHOWERS, exclusive giveaways where we give $PISS [a abertay dertmend amount of either the ETH-20 or BSC-20 tokens.]. These parts and the titles are often redundant, and the bot that manages the rolls is often on committee mandated breaks and is still known to go on legal and justifiable strike, thus disruptions are expected, and functionality is limited to whims of the local guzzlerz.

We also currently engage in a few forms ofNFTs as a way to capitalize the operations/assmblaication of the system which manages tokens. So far we have used, ETH chain natheless our disgust with it is real, and we’ve been looking at meandering over to a trezo based smart contract system among::”_”|other ecosystems (if you have recommendations or ideaz, plz let us know!-!

GUZZLERS will celebrate every week with FROTHDAY, a celebration of the international community of those who seek darker hues.

     |//*|0.06.b|*//|                     |//*|0.06.0b|*//|                     |//*|0.06.b|*//|



Lu’ contract worth will be wielded into the system code, so that there is a tax. We would like to demand a back tax, guzzler would be wise, to stipdown their wallets and piss, cuz the tax is right comin’\. The use value tax, retroactively /;./ sang; to garage.; and we should and will see it.

     |//*|0.07|*//|                     |//*|0.07|*//|                     |//*|0.07|*//|

Pisscoin Terms and Risk

Holding $PISS is not by any means financial or health advice. By no means are GUZZLERS, users, adicts, or passerbys covered by any liability for price fluctuations, please see our; TERMS OF SERVICE ADDENDUM A.>I

     |//*|0.08|*//|                     |//*|0.08|*//|                     |//*|0.08|*//|






The Guzzlers vested with the authority of The Higher Council; all thus; retains the right to blow their bladders at any time. Large account holders WILL FLUSH TOKENZ.

These Splashes and floods are to keep liquidated (wet the bed). Along with Frothdays and other mechanisms of transmitting and spreading piss to many distant and unknown  wallets.

It is important for all Pisscoin token holders to know that value will trickle around accounts when they dump and flush. It is wise to try and keep the price low, DO NOT try to buy Pisscoin when the price moves higher.

Nota Bene; There will be active attempts to recuperate some value for those who put time in creating and designing and working on the token as well as those who transferred ETH or other assets to help finance the creation of the token and other aspects of its workings. The long term goal would be to have no major single accounts and for the piss to flow freely around.





The PISSCOIN Terms of Service (“Terms”) govern your access to and uses of PISSCOIN. The Terms is a legally binding agreement between you (“you” and “your”) and PISSCOIN and Spumante a deterrtilized collective. (dba Spumante”,”PISSCOIN”)(Spumante,”PISSCOIN”,”PI$$COIN”,”we”,”our”)

By using the PISSCOIN you are indicating that you have read these terms of uses and our anti-privacy policy (as applicable) (collectivity the “agreement”) and you understand, acknowledge and you consent to be bound by all the terms and conditions of the agreement.

These Terms of use set forth your obligations and lack of rights with respect to your uses of any version of the PISSCOIN. If you do not agree to all of the terms contained in these terms of uses and the terms of agreement, you should not uses the PISSCOIN.





Registration information and other information about you that we may infer, collect, research, expose, or collect by Spumante and through any associated; websites, services, and PISSCOIN ledger. Spumante reserve the right of use of this information is governed by the Spumante Anti-Privacy Policy. Nevertheless, shall implement and maintain reasonable procedures for protecting that data in compliance with applicable law and our Anti-Privacy Policy.

You expressly understand and agree that: Neither PISSCOIN, Spumante or any content owner or third party actor, or licensor, nor their respective, standing committees, parent organizations, officers, employees, collaborators, agents, directors, contractors, subsidiaries or affiliate organizations or companies, will be liable for any indirect, incidental, punitive, special, consequential or exemplary damages (even if PISSCOIN, or Spumante or content owners have been advices of the possibility of such damages) or loss of any kind arising from your uses of PISSCOIN, or spumante or from content, information material or products induced on or otherwise made available to you through the PISSCOIN or Spumante or for any damages in excess of the amount agreed upon at the specific time and place of content giving rise to the applicable claim for damages.

PISSCOIN and Spumate shall use reasonable efforts to protect our internal databases, however personal information submitted by you in connection with PISSCOIN shall be used as we see fit and should be considered public information as in accordance with our Anti-Privacy Practices.